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TRIANGLE (TRaIning A New generation of researchers in Gastroenterology and LivEr) is a national training program for undergraduate and MD summer students, PhD students, research fellows, and early career faculty aimed at transforming research and patient care in gastroenterology and liver. With the support of TRIANGLE funding, mentorship, education, and work-integrated learning, a new generation of researchers will develop the skills and knowledge to launch impactful careers in and out of academia.

TRIANGLE is co-funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver, and the Canadian Children Inflammatory Bowel Disease Network.

Vision, Mission & Strategy


Our VISION is to establish TRIANGLE as the premier research training program to improve the digestive health of Canadians and as the model other disciplines in Canada will follow.


Our MISSION is to create a training program for undergraduate summer students, PhD students, research fellows, and early career faculty that builds diverse research capacity to advance digestive health for Canadians (and globally) and prepares researchers to succeed in impactful careers in any field or sector.


Our STRATEGY is to assemble a large, diverse, and intersectoral group of national and emerging leaders with demonstrated expertise in training and mentorship and a proven commitment to enhancing opportunity, equity, and success for Canadian researchers.

Beginning with our first cohort, who will start in January 2023, TRIANGLE awardees will take ownership and leadership over the program, tailoring and transforming training, mentorship, and experiential education to meet their needs and further their career goals.

TRIANGLE unites the expertise and leadership of our program leads with the knowledge and experience of contributors and partners from across academia, industry, non-profit, government, and an international advisory panel of training and research experts.